When you need to create some separation but don’t have the space for a full wall, a room divider screen can be a lifesaver. Traditionally, these free-standing screens are ornately decorated and displayed as artwork in living rooms, but in contemporary design they’re also used to delineate different parts of the home or make large spaces feel cozier. And with so many styles to choose from, there’s one to suit any decor — from bohemian and nautical to modern and traditional.

To set a tranquil mood in this sitting area designed by PepperJack Interiors, a lacquered chinoiserie room divider elevates a floor-skimming bed with a touch of drama. A similar wood divider accentuates the height of this bedroom designed by Form + Field. For an ultra-modern abode, a sleek upholstered screen backed with shelving serves as a headboard and delineates the sleeping space.

Another smart room divider hack, this DIY divider takes the form of a sturdy IKEA shelf and frosted glass. The hack is easy enough for a novice carpenter and is sure to catch the eye of any guests. Get the tutorial at Ikea Hackers. Another smart divider idea for the thrifty decorator, this DIY project uses salvaged folding doors to craft a neutral geometric room divider. Top with patterned stencils for a funky flair, or dress it up in pastel paint to sanction a crafting or dressing corner. Get the tutorial at Confessions of a Serial DIYer.

If you’re in the market for a room divider that offers plenty of privacy, look for a design with opaque acrylic panels inserted into the frame. Blogger Wendi Wachtel used this solution to convert a studio apartment into a one-bedroom, while still letting plenty of natural light filter through.

In addition to offering visual privacy, a room divider can also deflect noise and help filter odors between adjacent living areas. A wood divider backed with a cork board or chalkboard serves as an efficient bulletin board, while a fabric divider can hide storage and serve as a portable art gallery.

Unlike conventional walls, room dividers can be moved around with ease when you want to rearrange your space. This makes them perfect for temporary or semi-permanent set-ups like a dining room in the corner of your living room, a home office at the end of your sofa, or a reading nook behind a high bed.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional, modern, or something in between, the right divider screen can make all the difference in your home. To inspire you, we’ve rounded up 35 ingenious room divider ideas from designers and DIYers alike.

By Agnes