style up

A person’s style is a way of expressing themselves and conveying their personality to the world. While there are certain things that are never stylish (think cowboy boots and a polo shirt), true style is about wearing what you like and being confident in it. This article will show you how to dress up even the most simple clothes so that you look put-together and chic, no matter what you’re doing.

Whether you’re heading out to grab coffee, meeting friends for lunch, or going on a date night, it’s always nice to look stylish and put-together. While many people think that style is something they either have or don’t, it actually is a muscle that can be built up and finessed over time. Here are 10 tips to help you style up any outfit.

1. Wear colors that flatter you.

Your skin tone is a huge part of what determines which colors will flatter you best. It’s important to keep this in mind as you build your wardrobe and select accessories. For example, if you have cool skin, you should stick with blues, emerald greens, and lavenders, while opting for neutrals such as gray, navy, and white. Similarly, if you have warm skin, it’s best to avoid yellows, oranges, and golds.

2. Mix your casual and dressy clothes.

It’s a common misconception that you need to separate your “dressy” and casual clothing. But the truth is, you can wear your favorite little black dress as casual attire by simply pairing it with a pair of jeans and sneakers. The same goes for that pair of heels you keep in your closet to dress up a casual outfit – try wearing them with a pair of joggers instead.

3. Mix prints with other colors.

It can be difficult to make a print stand out when you’re mixing it with other prints and textures, but the key is to keep things simple. Using a neutral base is usually the best approach, and you can then add color by using accessories such as a belt, shoes, or purse. For example, you might choose a belt that uses the same color as your pants to add definition and balance to your look, or a purse that brings out the pink in your t-shirt.

4. Wear more formal jewelry.

Adding a few pieces of classic jewelry to your outfit is an easy way to instantly look more polished. A dainty bracelet or a simple pendant necklace can be the perfect finishing touch to your look.

5. Put your hair up.

Whether you opt for a sleek ponytail, a messy bun, or a pulled back half-up style, pulling your hair up is a quick and easy way to elevate any look.

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By Agnes