Remodeling Your Kitchen on a Budget 

  • By Lindsay Roundtree
  • 24 Sep, 2016

How to get the best kitchen for the best buck

Remodeling your kitchen on a budget

The kitchen is a great selling point in any home, but in Iowa City, kitchen remodeling can be expensive. For those who are looking to sell their home and want a great way to increase the value or just want a beautiful new kitchen on a budget, here are a few budget friendly tips on kitchen remodeling. Iowa City residents have been using these for decades to help save money on their remodels!

1.    Cabinets

Sure, every homeowner would adore custom designed cabinets created perfectly for their home. However, unless you can afford it, custom cabinets can really eat up your budget! A great way to save money on cabinets is to choose stock cabinets in Iowa City Kitchen remodeling is far less expensive when you choose this option.

2.    Countertops

There is no denying that cabinets and countertops are two of the most expensive parts of kitchen remodeling. Iowa City homeowners often choose laminate or tile countertops over granite because they are an amazing way to save money. For those who still want the look of granite, talk to your interior home designer about faux granite laminate countertops which are designed to look like elegant granite at laminate pricing.

3.    Flooring

Just like with countertops, you can get faux luxury materials for a great price. Rather than sink thousands and thousands into hardwood flooring, consider laminate or tile look a likes. Your interior designer likely has a few great ideas for saving costs on flooring in Iowa City. Kitchen remodeling can be inexpensive if you know the right information!

Which of these tips have you used or are planning on using? Cabinets, countertops, and flooring are three very expensive areas of the kitchen that can be made inexpensive with the right materials!

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They still exist, out there somewhere: those plumbing guys with just enough experience to get themselves- and your plumbing project- into real trouble. The embarrassing thing is that they might even be a relative. Don't get us wrong- there are very talented people out there who have good, solid plumbing experience. They can do a repair or replace a shower and tub area. That's not easy or simple. There are the good plumbers, and then there are the scary plumbers. Those are the ones we want to help you avoid. That's why you want to contact plumbers Iowa City  depends upon. Hamm's Home Interiors has been in business since 1978 and we have the expertise, not to mention the tools and other resources, to assure you of a good remodeling result with your plumbing and more. So ask yourself a few questions:

  • How long do I want my remodeling project to last?
  • How much am I willing to invest in time, effort, careful planning, money, and quality materials?
  • Is this project for me to enjoy for years or am I reselling a property?
  • What kind of experience do I have, and what kind of experience do I need for this project?
  • How do I find plumbers in Iowa City  I can trust?

Hamm's Home Interiors combines a variety of essential resources for your use:

  • high-quality supplies
  • friendly and approachable interior decorators
  • experience in start-to-finish planning and design
  • professional services at all stages of a project

Visit us to see how plumbers Iowa City  provide quality work. We'd love to be the plumbers in Iowa City  you know and trust.

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After putting the time, money, and effort into remodeling your home’s interior, your home remodeling is not complete without some finishing touches. This is where good home improvement steps can make a world of difference, even for the outside of your home!

Paint choices for the home's exterior
It is important to choose a color that compliments the look and style of the home. Larger homes usually don’t look as good with dark colors and need light and bright colors. Color choices play a big role when it comes to the features of home improvement Iowa City home buyers are looking for.

Fence and gate choices
There are many options available when it comes to fences and gates. You can go natural with wood fences or you may need something more durable like fiberglass or plastic. You have just as many options for your gates and can choose from many different types of materials and styles.

Landscaping and lawn care basics
Whether you have a small lawn or a big lawn, you need to maximize its look and appeal. Keeping the grass cut and trimmed can go a long way in making your home appealing. An overgrown lawn signifies lack of upkeep and that can reflect badly on your home, no matter how beautiful it may look on the inside.

Patio, porch, and deck decorating tips
If you do not have much of a year to work with, but you do have a porch, patio, or deck, you can still make the area look simply amazing! These home improvement addition to your home can often be treated like extensions of your home and designed to fit in with the rest of your home's decor and style.

A very important part of home value has as much to do with the outside of the home as it does on the inside of the home! Complete your remodeling project by focusing on four easy ways to increase your home’s curb appeal and increase its value even more with the good home improvement Iowa City home buyers are looking for!

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As popular as hardwood floors may be, homeowners still love the luxury and comfort of carpet. One great feature with carpet is the cushiony feel under your feet. This is a healthy shock absorber so each step places less stress on your body. Rooms with carpet appear more comfy and warm because of its thermal resistance the room feels and seems warmer. Your decision to invest in carpet means you want Carpet Iowa City a company experienced in selection and installation.

You want your Carpet installed by a team of experienced consultants that will help you make a selection just right for your home. In business since 1978 they know carpet and have a variety of styles and colors available to fit your budget needs. As a supplier company with years of experience they ask the right questions so you make the best choice for your home. Next, their team shows you how to keep your carpet looking new and fresh day after day. If you want to replace and install new carpet then trust Carpet Iowa City, a company that knows how important measurements, fitting, padding, color selection and more are to the homeowner. You want a product installed right the first time so they know experience matters.

Go online and visit them today to learn more about the services they provide. You will discover just how great it is to have a product that is durable and made to last. Today’s carpets come with stain-free treatments making them easier to keep clean even if you have an active family. The Carpet consultants show how to handle spots with carpet-cleaning product recommendations. You can have the carpet you want that is comfy, cozy in every room. Contact them today.

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If it's been some time since your kitchen or bath had a makeover, don't you think the time has come? From peeling paint to loose hinges, maybe your room has the overall sense that it has become dingy or inconvenient. Why not contact us to learn how we can help you make your kitchen, bath, or other room fresh, modern, and newly functional? We provide the home improvement Iowa City  has been looking for! For your remodeling needs, contact Hamm's Home Interiors. We would be delighted to discuss such aspects of remodeling as carpentry, lighting, painting, and carpeting. Perhaps you'd like to open up a cramped kitchen into the family room? We can help you with a sensible and welcoming design that serves your needs. Has your bathroom developed moisture problems or a tired looking style to it? We can update and repair that as well, making changes that will look sleek with years of expertise to get the work done right.

If you've considered putting your home on the market, then you need to know that home improvement  projects can add selling points to your home. Not only will the clean new look of your remodeling attract buyers, but your projects will add value to your home's market price. The kitchen and bathroom can make or break the interest of prospective buyers as they walk through in person or view your home online. Whether it's a kitchen, a bathroom, or another room like a sports bar, Hamm's Home Interiors can provide impressive designs, professional repairs, and premium remodeling work. Call us at (319) 359-7800.

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Remodeling a bathroom yourself can be a piecemeal job, and the risk is that it will turn into a mixed bag of frustrations and worry. Turn to Bathroom Remodeling Iowa City  chooses in their time of need; Turn to Hamm's Home Interiors to make your bathroom dreams come true. Is there any part of the bathroom we can't do? From flooring, countertops, walls, vanities, cabinetry, and shelving to all the other details that bring a project together, we offer the highest quality supplies backed by forty years combined experience in installation. Where do you begin?

1. Visit our show room to examine a variety of beautiful styles in bathroom remodeling . We can help you decide which style will fit your bathroom space and arrange the many details that prevent a do-it-yourself nightmare. Just leave it to us for sleek, professional results.

2. Let us offer our high quality supplies from granite counters to the smoothest sliding drawers you've ever encountered. Our installation process is assured to result in a bathroom you can enjoy as well as one that adds value to your home investment.

Do you need:

  • dazzling countertops?
  • sublime cabinets?
  • glorious walls?
  • exceptional flooring?
  • sparkling fixtures?
  • a variety of styles?

Whether you love the retro look with updated amenities or your prefer a modern style that will shine during the realtor's open house, contact us today for the chance to view our show room, discuss your many choices with our professionals, and schedule the Bathroom Remodeling  of your dreams. Visit the professional Bathroom Remodeling Iowa City  depends on.

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Construction on a new home or remodeling of an older one typically involves drywall with several ways of installing it. Many homeowners can certainly hang their own drywall. However, many can not. With the multiple materials needed and attention to detail that is required, it's a smart move to turn to professionals. For installation of drywall Iowa City can depend on look to Hamm's Home Interiors. We know kitchens and baths. With our experience installing drywall in Iowa City  we bring years of experience, expertise, and attention to customer satisfaction to the job.

Did you know...?

...that there are several levels of drywall installation? The levels run from '0' for no additional attention beyond basic installation to '5' for a finished product with a smooth surface.

...that dry wall is more than just a wall? It deadens sound traveling between rooms and provides sound control as well as increased privacy.

...that dry wall can reduce the spread of flames in the event of a building fire? The chemical components of drywall can resist flame for a time.

...there are over a dozen kinds of drywall used in the United States? Each serves its purpose according to the design requirements of the particular building.

Drywall Iowa City can rely on is available today with the professional experience that makes installation quick and solid. When looking for that professionalism for installing drywall in Iowa City  which you need, contact us today.

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Kitchen Remodeling Iowa City is a big deal. There are several compelling reasons why you might need to remodel your kitchen. Each one is important to pay attention to.

One common reason why kitchens need to be renovated is because of deterioration. A falling apart kitchen with cracked tiles, broken cabinet doors, peeling countertops or appliances that simply don't work anymore call for a remodeling job, no matter how small.

Another frequent reason for   kitchen remodeling   is to increase the value of a home. A brand new kitchen is a great way to attract buyers when attempting to sell a home, because people perceive newness as having a higher value. A remodeling job done as efficiently as possible can help sellers recoup the monetary loss of embarking on the project.

The majority of homeowners choose to remodel their kitchen in order to save energy. This includes having skylights installed in the ceiling which lessens the need to light a house using lamps. Solar water heaters can be installed and energy-efficient appliances can be purchased in order to help homeowners conserve energy.

Making a kitchen more modern is also a very popular reason for remodeling. Many older homes need an updated look, especially in the kitchen. Homeowners that spend a significant amount of time in their kitchen often choose to remodel it order to get more out of it.

These are just a few of the reasons why kitchen renovations are performed so often. There are many ways that a kitchen can be renovated and each of them leaves homeowners with something fresh and new. Today's modern homes are often renovated.

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When you're considering the best kitchen remodeling Iowa City has to offer, you need to focus on your kitchen cabinets. These important areas allow you to prepare food and pour drinks without troubles. The best kitchen remodeling in Iowa City works to create great counters by following these guidelines:

  • You Can Cook Comfortably – If you have no trouble cooking with preparing food in your kitchen, your counter space is likely large enough. Any smaller, and you'll struggle to get work done.
  • Things Rarely Fall Off – Small counter space often causes serious problems in a kitchen, such as items falling off. If nothing is falling off your counters, they're in good shape.
  • Walking Through The Kitchen Is Easy – Counters that are too large will run into you as you walk through the kitchen. If they are “just right,” they won't hit into you.
  • They Look Right – Another simple way to gauge your kitchen counter space is to simply look at them. Do they look too big for the area or do they look just right? Most homeowners should be able to eyeball this project for a basic idea of how well their counters are installed.

So if you are looking for the best kitchen remodeling Iowa City has ever seen, you need to follow these guidelines on kitchen cabinets. In this way, your kitchen remodeling in Iowa City will be flawlessly executed and look great for years to come. A professional can help you here, as they will understand the best ways to measure your counters.

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Quality flooring in Iowa City at a great price and made from awesome material is not hard to find. Whether you are looking to update your worn out flooring, update the interior of your home, or just build a custom home from scratch, Hamm's Home Interiors has everything you need at outstanding prices, including American Olean, Florida Tile, Marazzi USA, Daltile, RBC Tile & Stone, Coverall Stone, and Crossville.

Flooring is one of the most important parts of your home. Some of it most likely sees more traffic than one of the busiest intersections in your town. Whether you are looking for tile, cork, hardwood, or other types of flooring, Hamm's has everything you are looking for and more. Browse the fully-stocked showroom without the added pressure of being stalked by over-bearing sales associates. Bring all the questions you have about styles, coloring, and size. Hamm's is guaranteed to have one of their professionally trained designer experts available to match any type of tile flooring to your home's decor.

Between muddy paws, kids bouncing balls, chair scuff marks, and heavy foot traffic, your floors take quite the beating. Depending on your home's dynamics and circumstances, choose the flooring that will be the easiest to maintain. Tile flooring may require just a simple mopping with a non-wax cleaner, while hardwood flooring might require frequent sweeping and mopping, along with an occasional stripping and waxing. Hardwood flooring might be a little more high maintenance, but its beauty will go a long way in your home.

By Dotcom Design 20 Feb, 2017

Cleaning your carpet is an important way of eliminating dirt and other harmful allergens. Unfortunately, many people may use excessive water when cleaning their carpets. This is a serious mistake as it can cause a variety of serious problems that turn the best carpet Iowa City has ever seen into the worst.

Wet Carpets Are Harder To Clean

When your carpet is soaked with water, it will be much harder to keep it clean. Why? Wet carpet absorbs dirt and other items and turns them into thick slop. As a result, this slop will be harder to remove when it dries and stains on your carpet.

They Also Promote Fungal Growth

When your carpets are wet they are attracting bacteria and fungus to your home. Why? These items are always looking for a good source of water. Once they find some out, they will grow near it and stubbornly refuse to leave, no matter how hard you clean. As a result, you need to keep your carpet dry as much as possible.

Damage Can Also Occur

Beyond these problems is the damage that can be caused to carpets that can make them fall apart. For example, water can wear down on their fibers and make them prone to falling out. This danger can seriously impact the health and well-being of your carpet. Even worse, it can be a danger if loved ones slip on the carpet and hurt themselves.

How Cleaning And Remodeling Can Help

If you're worried that the carpet Iowa City experts have installed in your home is being damaged by excessive wetness, you need to identify the source of it and get rid of it. For example, if you are cleaning with too much water, cut back and use less. You also need to fix any leaks or other problems that could contribute to wet carpets.

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